What's Obvious To You, Is Not Obvious To Others

Better Stories For Cloudy Companies.


Change is afoot, why don't others see it?


Great puzzle pieces, but no clear picture?


Look and sound like everyone else?


git innt neutral 3rd party

to facilitate a better story

Sales velocity, valuations, and strategy are on the line. Can you create some slides on a Tuesday evening and succeed? Maybe.

Alternatively, perhaps someone fluent in S3, CI/CD, K8s, TCP/IP, and the rest of the stack can help your team align and level up.


Research Collection

Once upon a time, I started collecting surveys on cloud adoption, developers, security, and AI. I never really stopped.

Are you a SDR researching a lead? This collection is why I filled out your form. Kudos on doing the research. Keep it up, you've already set yourself apart from 95% of your peers.  


I've worked at and with amazing companies.

New network architectures, democratizing monitoring, a new approach to cloud security, a simplified path to serverless development, application security, and hundreds of companies that pitched me as an analyst.

deer with big ears

Why Wrong Less?

In a software business, something is always broken. Those who succeed continually iterate to get more right and less wrong.

Your company story, go to market strategy, and the way you engage with the market also requires constant iteration and testing. The power of your customer's needs and aspirations, matched with your capabilities, becomes a story.

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